How to get a height flexible y-axis background design with only one start and one stop point

I am new with grafana to prepare my io broker data and display it on a dashboard.
This also works to a certain point to my satisfaction.
I have written 3 querys which show me the outdoor, forward and return temperature of my solar system.

However, I am missing one point. the operation of the charge pump.
I have this value. As a true when the pump starts and a false when the pump stops.
I would like to show the part of the graph with a light green background (bar chart) when the pump is running.
Since I also have the outside temperature, this can be in the negative range. So my y-axis can start at -15 and solar flow is at 90 degrees.
How do I get the pump to cover this range completely?

I have created this with rrd tools by writing a rather complicated PHP routine.
ince solar does not show a pump in my old system, I chose my gas heater.
Can someone explain me how to get a height flexible y-axis background design with only one start and one stop point?

Welcome to the forum.

I am not sure I understand your question. Couldn’t you just set your axis Min to -15 and axis Max to 90, like this?

thank you grant2
Of course that would be possible. However, I have then set the range and cannot see the fineness which is very helpful for optimisations. Also, moving the temperature to its own y axis consumes the image extremely.
So it looks like I have to insert a mathematical function with blocki or node red in advance. I thought that this would be possible in grafana.

Have you considered using a second y-axis for only certain fields? That would allow you to put both on the same graph and hopefully still retain the “fineness”.

Yes, but I have only true for start and false for stop of the pump and that did not work on my test

How about “stacking” two separate panels with the same timeline, like this? The start/stop of the pump would be the red/green state timeline.