How to fetch data from grafana

Hi Everyone,
Generally, we post the data to grafana to visualize the application performance.

Is there a way to fetch the data that we pushed to grafana back from grafana api?
If yes point to the right direction.

I don’t understand what you mean by “post(ing) the data to Grafana”.

Grafana is a visualisation tool for data held in a back-end data store.
Grafana doesn’t store the data itself at all.

So, I think your question is actually “we put our data into X for Grafana to
display; how do we get the data back out of X again?”, where X is InfluxDB,
MySQL, Postgres… whatever data store you have chosen to use.



Maybe you mean accessing a Grafana API. For example, fetch the annotations using the Annotations HTTP API: Annotations HTTP API | Grafana Labs