How to exporting CSV file using the Grafana-Image-Renderer?

Hi All,

I’m using grafana-image-renderer to export chart images to generate some report document. And I’ve check the release note v3.0.0, grafana-image-renderer has been added rendering csv feature.

But, I can’t find the entry point (or link) to export CSV file using the grafana-image-renderer. And also I can’t find any document for how to use grafana-image-renderer’s csv API (/render/csv).

Is there useful document to use grafana-image-renderer? Currently I use the community version 7.5.10 and 8.1.5.

ps. I can’t use “Panel->Inspect->Data + CSV options” on browser because our team want to export CSV files at the end of some event duration automatically.

I believe that this is now a feature of Enterprise Reporting.

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