How to configure HTTP timeouts and retry number?

Hi everyone!
We are using Grafana intensively for various dashboards, and sometimes some panels fail to load. We are using datasources directlay, without proxying. And some queries take a lot of time. As I can see from source code, there is a single retry for queries. My question is, is there a way to configure number of retries somewhere? Even if it means using datasources through Grafana proxy. And another question, is there a way to configure HTTP connection timeout and socket timeout? Again, either using datasources directly or through proxy.
If this is not possible, maybe there are some plans to add this feature in near future?



No. I would suggest you to try the proxy mode and see if it works better.

No. One way could be to use a reverse proxy like nginx and configure those settings.

If this is something you really want you can create a feature request issue, but that’s no guarantee for it to be implemented.