How to conditionally color "Zabbix Problem" view table cell

Hello, I’m asking for help to conditionally color the problem cell, according to the failure (it cannot be by disaster level), in the “Zabbix Probems” visualization table.
In the example in the attached figure, I would like, for example, to color all problem descriptions that contain “Porta do Container Aberta” in blue.

Hey @dtic
The way you need it is currently not possible. I would recommend using the operational data and showing it in a table panel, and using value mapping to give it the color you need, and additionally, leaving the problems panel below to complement the visualization.

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Is this the default grafana table you are showing

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@bernardolankheet and @yosiasz , thank you very much for your response.
When I use default table view the table looks like this. Can you help me make a change like “text to columns”? Also, would I be able to select which columns I can display?

what is your datasource and what version of grafana?
Is your text to column question a different question than the original post about color? If so could you please create a different post?

you could use Dynamic Text plugin

I found a solution, I installed a Google Chrome browser plugin that allows you to conditionally format the color of the texts displayed on the page.

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