How to compare custom metrics from K6 UI using the Performance Overview section

Hi! I have question. And help would be greatly appreciated.
After running my load tests to the K6 cloud, how can I compare custom metrics between two runs from the Performance Overview section. It seems that my Performance Overview section only contains some default metrics: VUs, request rate, response time and failed requests rate metrics, but I want to add my already generated custom metrics from the Analysis section to the Performance Overview section, so I can use the Compare Result option and compare between two test runs, thanks!

Hi @Nick1122 !

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It’s not possible with the “Performance Overview”, but as the workaround, you can add the threshold to the custom metric, and then when using “Compare Result” you can see the difference.

Let me know if that answers!


Thank you for the reply!
I actually performed the same approach in resolving this!

Do you know if it’s possible to compare more than 2 test runs at a time, or the K6 UI allows for only 2 tests to be compared at any given time?

No, I’m afraid that for now there are only two tests that can be compared at the same time :slightly_frowning_face:

The workaround can be to export tests’ metrics and do compare locally.