How to charming the varible ip address

OR how could I caculate the period between (the distinct value ) the first and last one?

To monitor my varible WAN IP, I’ve got data in influxdb now:

select * from exec_wanip limit 30;
name: exec_wanip
time host value
---- ---- -----
1542856250000000000 monitor
1542856850000000000 monitor
1542857450000000000 monitor
1542858050000000000 monitor
1542858650000000000 monitor
1542859250000000000 monitor
1542859850000000000 monitor
1542860450000000000 monitor
1542861050000000000 monitor

I wish to make a charm that show the WAN ip address changes:

  1. X-Axis is time line;
  2. Y-Axis is each of the adresses’s duration;

so I could know the changes of WAN ip address, as well as the duration of it …(analysis data).
thank you all ~~