How to change the Grafana bouncing icon in HTML page

I am developing a webpage (in a portal) where Graphs from Grafana in embedded. (using

Note: The Graphs is not displayed as grafana is running in my private network

it is works very well. But when the graph loads, it shows bouncing Grafana Icon. Is there a way to remove this. I search this community and I received few suggestions and none of the suggestions work.

What I did was I went into the folder

opened the index.html
edited the following line


In this line, I replaced the grafana_mask_icon.svg with my own svg file which stored in /usr/share/grafana/public/img

But that did not make any impact. I restarted grafana still it did not make any change.

I modified every html file in this folder and replaced grafana_mask_icon.svg with my own svg file which is stored in /usr/share/grafana/public/img and that did not make any 1
Restarted grafana again. Still no change.

Can any help me give me a hint on where I an going wrong with this ?