How to change profile image

I’m running an instance of Grafana internally at work. From what I understand, the user profile image is usually their Gravatar, but because this is a purely internal system (plus we’re not using regular email addresses for user names), everyone has a system-generated icon. I’m assuming that this icon is automatically generated, and in one rather unfortunate case, the icon looks, well, I’ll just say extremely inappropriate. (Trying to keep things safe for work.)

I see that I can turn off Gravatar integration in the settings, but is there any way to either change the auto-generated icon, allow a user to upload an image, or turn it off entirely?

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No, you cannot upload your own image ( at t this point) only change it via gravatar

Thanks for the info.

What I wound up doing was to change this particular email address (it was a view-only guest account) and that fixed the issue since the “retrobot” avatar is generated from the email address.