How to change main Grafana title

At first, I wanted to say hello everyone and thank you for a great solution as Grafana.
I wanted to change main logo Grafana, as was described here: and here
What have i done?
I have changed Window_title_prefix and rebuild whole backend and frontend (I use built version from source) with using commands ‘bra run’ and ‘npm run watch’.
After grep i found that in build there is my new window_title_prefix, but it does not show up on the kibana login page (even after reflush cache).
For now i found only one solution which is changing grafana.dark.css or grafana.light.css in the build folder (I replace .icon-gf-grafana_wordmark:before content) but it is harmfull solution for me, cause after each rebuild i need to change this value manually.
Do You have any similar experience? If yes i will be grateful for answer and solution.

Hello again,
It seems that I have found solutions. I needed change scss file into public/sass/base/_grafana_icons.scss
.icon-gf-grafana_wordmark:before {
content: “\e903”;
on this:
.icon-gf-grafana_wordmark:before {
content: “My Custom Title”;
I will appreciate if someone explains to me what these values (like “\e903”) means, because I have not found their use in the entire project.

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I figure out how window_title_prefix works. It is indeed window_title_prefix (in html fooo).
I have changed window_title_prefix from ‘Kibana -’ to ‘Kielana’ and below I attach the result. title_grafana

@pawel0907 could please tell exactly in which html file you found “window_title_prefix” ?


@ashuw018, Can you tell me your version of Grafana?

can you tell me how did you get this done?

Everyone mentions the solution but no one leads to the files >:(

1.change in /usr/share/grafana/public/build/app.898fe9e20a782b4232fe.js AppTitle

find and change
c.AppTitle=“whatever you want”

{var t=e.className;return a.a.createElement(“img”,{className:t,src:“public/img/grafana_icon.svg”,alt:“Grafana”})},c.AppTitle=“Grafana”},

{var t=e.className;return a.a.createElement(“img”,{className:t,src:“public/img/grafana_icon.svg”,alt:“Grafana”})},c.AppTitle=“客制化0511”,


How can we change title in Grafana 9.0.6. I have tried editing AppTitle in index.html but that is not working.

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'Hi @anoopsaket,

To customize the login page such as changing logo, favicon, background etc. is possible via configuration but only supported and provided for the Grafana Enterprise or Cloud version.

For the Grafana OSS, there is no official guide as users are self-responsible to change it by any method they like as it may get broken in the next update release.

You can have a look at this post where other users asked the same question and provided good instructions and links as how it can be done.

I hope it helps.

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Is really no way to change except enterprise or cloud version?

I found a way where I edited one of the JS file. In my case this file was

I searched for AppTitle and replace it.