How to calculate the data for specific time period in stages

I have a scenario where I have to add stages as for 1st stage 2min 50vus and then for next 10min 50vus and then ramp down to vus0 in 5min
so the k6 gives me metrics for a total of 17 min, but want to calculate the metrics only during the second state i.e 50vus for 10min.

Hi @ializrocks, Welcome the community forum!

There is no built-in method to get the end summary to ignore metrics from k6. You can look at this very big issue with some ideas on how that might be solved. Work on this haven’t been started though and has some prerequisites that also need to be finished before we can make it effective.

On the other hand I always argue that depending on the final summary is not great idea as it’s … just that summary. I would recommend using an external output and filtering the data you want there. You can read on how to tag metrics from different stages here.

You can use the tagging from above with thresholds as well as shown in the section above

Hope this helps you

Hello @ializrocks ,

I would suggest using Prometheus remote write where you can get the graphical and raw data view.

This is one of the best feature of k6 in my point of view.


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Thank you so much @mstoykov

@BharathM but Prometheus integration only available for K6 cloud?