How to Calculate how many in hours and minutes

How to Calculate in hours and minutes - Ping Status … if we choose Ping status under items.

suppose want to check how many hours ping reponse available within 24 hrs or 1 week . whatever we choose time range.


What data source is this for?

ping template working fine, just need to calculate in days,hrs, mimutes…as per time range we select into Grafana

Does this mean “during how many hours (X:00:00 to X:59:59) did we get at least
one ping response from the thing we’re monitoring”, or does this mean “how
much cumulative time during the period did we get ping responses”?

Or something else?

For example, suppose you send a ping request once every ten seconds for ten

During the first five hours, half of those requests get responses and half do

During the sixth hour, no responses are returned.

In hours seven to ten, all requests get good responses.

What is your definition then of “how many hours ping reponse available”?

Is it 9, because in nine of the ten hours, there was some ping response?

Is it 4, because in the first five hours you had 50% packet loss, and in the
sixth, 100%, so only in the last four hours did you have 100% success?

Or is it 50% x 5 + 4 = 6½ because that’s the cumulative amount of time during
those ten hours when you got a ping response?

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Thanks for prompt reply.

it’s 60S interval to check ping status with tagged host. attaching ping template…

Any one help me here.