How to automate/write script for AWS applications toolset


My company has an application developed in React Native + AWS Amplify + AWS Cognito + GraphQL which has Sign up and Login Scenario need to be tested with the maximum number of user load.

However, I tried most of the options to mimic the same scenario using load testing tools. I am not sure whether this will be recorded or need to write some code to make authentication.

Can anyone provide me any suggestions? How Can I achieve this scenario.



If you don’t know the exact inner workings of the signup and login scenarios (like when you didn’t write it yourself) then the recommended approach would be to record the HTTP traffic which you can do using the Chrome Recorder.

In most cases, simply playing back the script that’s generated from the recording will not work; there are likely dynamic, server-generated variables that need to be programmatically fetched and used in places where you see hard-coded dynamic values in the generated script (this is known in the industry as the process of data correlation).
Have a look at this docs article as a starting point.