How to align a field data on the correct y axis?

I have temperature and humidity displayed on a panel shown in the image below.

The humidity is set on the left Y axis and temperature is on the right y axis, since Humidity is on the left Y axis at first look feels like the humidity is what it is next shown on the axis on the left side but the correct humidity is on the right side y axis , So I want to know how Humidity can be flipped so the correct value aligns next to its axis ?

I am not sure exactly what you would like it to look like. Can you provide a sketch, or mark up a screenshot?

I am thinking the value of humidity should align to the left y axis which is currently aligning to the right y axis but the is temperature !

I don’t understand what you mean by that.
The values have to line up with the correct timestamps along the bottom.

baaah thats true, How would the left Y axis make more sense then at a first glance ?

I am afraid you will just have to train your glance to understand what it is looking at.