How to add dashboard links for individual bars in a bar chart based on regex?

Hello Community,

We are trying to include individual links for each bar in a bar chart based on the name. I was able to get it working using the Override method with regex option. However it seems to pick up only the last added regex expression and apply it for all the bars. That is, when i hover each bar (Pls see snapshot attached) it displays same link for all the bars.

How can i fine tune this so i have different links show as i hover over each bar in the chart? Thanks

Note: For instance in my chart there are fields ‘IRIS’ & ‘STEP’ and this is how i set the regex

^((?!IRIS).)*$ --> added a custom link here
^((?!STEP).)*$ --> added a custom link here
![Screen Shot 2023-01-07 at 8.28.46 PM|690x244](upload://jjLegbGaKnys7bs1bOS51nG7jJa.png)