How is iterations per second calculated?

The first script of this page Metrics
has an output in which the ‘iterations’ metric’s value is 1 and 0.266167/s.

iterations…: 1 0.266167/s

0.266167/s is iterations per second. How is it calculated?

Hi @bhavesh

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The build-in metrics iterations is the aggregate number of times the VUs executed the JS script (the default function).

The iteration rate of 0.266167/s on the Metrics page can be calculated by dividing the total number of iterations performed by the time it took to perform them. The formula for calculating iteration rate is:

Iteration (rate) = Total iterations / Test duration

We have in the output:

     iteration_duration.............: avg=3.75s    min=3.75s    med=3.75s    max=3.75s    p(90)=3.75s    p(95)=3.75s
     iterations.....................: 1     0.266167/s

In this case, the script performed only 1 iteration and it probably took a total of 3.753 seconds to complete (3.75 in the output summary). Dividing 1 by 3.753 gives us the iteration rate of 0.266167/s.

I’m not sure if this is what caused the doubt, that you were not seeing the number not exactly adding up in the summary. We would need to see the concrete metric points, for which we need to output or stream the metrics.


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