How do I set up state-change alert for circuit breakers?

Hi, I am currently setting up Grafana + Prometheus + resilience4j. I am using v7.4.3 of Grafana and I have multiple circuit breakers from several test servers. (Resilience4j)

I am trying to make an alert that sends webhook when there is a change in the state of the circuit breaker. (open to close/close to open)

From my understanding, to achieve this, I need to use “AND” in the alert conditions. (since I need to check the change in the state from previous state to current)

However, I have several problems:

  1. In the webhook, in the “evalMatches”, I receive all values that exist which includes all the ones should have failed to pass the condition.
  2. Trigger for “close to open” is always triggered when the state changes from “open to close”
  3. The trigger doesn’t send another alarm when another circuit becomes open. (so alarm gets send only once a single circuit is opened but ignores the next opened one) I am expecting each alarm to be sent when each circuit breaker is opened. (if a several circuits are opened at the same time, then they should be in a single webhook)

Can anyone tell me what is the problem in the setting?
For open alert (from close to open) (graph + query + alert setting),

For closed alert (open to close) (graph + query + alert setting),

I am stuck here for several hours trying to configure how to set this up…
Probably I am trying to do something that is not supported or there is any lack of explanation, please let me know as well!
Thank you anyone who can help me in advance!