How do I join two metrics without getting No Data?

I am trying to join two, possibly three metrics to no avail on all the things I have tried. I should mention first that we are using all Windows machines and this is what I am looking to do:

  • We have Custom Windows Services installed (All start with “IT”)
  • We have some that need to stay disabled
  • Most of them NEED to be running IF they start mode is set to “Automatic”

I have been try to find a solution using the Prom metrics
from here:windows_exporter/docs/ at master · prometheus-community/windows_exporter · GitHub

Here is my code which turns results but its showing me the same services with all possible outcomes of the service status

windows_service_status{name=~"it.*"} and on(name) windows_service_start_mode{start_mode!="disabled"} and on(name) windows_service_state{state="running"}

If I change the Windows_Service_status for name just to “=” I get NO DATA