How could sum the volume by day? Increase is not accuate

Currently, I simply used increased, and set the min step is 1d. It shows like following
Left is daily volume, right is daily volume. Today is April 14th, left volume shows we published 60+ millions data already which I think it’s not accurate. I think the reason is that, the increase , it query like total at 04/14 11:00 - total at 04/13 11:00 , but for today volume, the more accurate one should be total at 04/14 11:00 - total at 04/14 00:00 Maybe using increase by 1h and sum them will be more accurate? But how to achieve it? Could I get the suggestion from you?

The query I used is
sum(increase(item_publisher_documents_published_count_total[1d])) by (eventType)

hello is it possible to use a different color scheme?

I think what I am wrong is, it counts from current to last 24 hours. Above is the example, if you ask, in the last 24 hours. There is absolutely delete 3.6 million. But I want to achieve is summarize the daily volume like in buckets? Like
Bucket1 : 04/10 00:00 AM to 04/11 00:00 AM 30 millions
Bucket2 : 04/11 00:00 AM to 04/12 00:00 AM 60 millions
Bucket3 : 04/12 00:00 AM to 04/13 00:00 AM 40 millions
Bucket4 : 04/13 00:00 AM to 04/14 00:00 AM 50 millions
Bucket5 : 04/14 00:00 AM to now 25 millions