How can we setup node exporters on fargate containers

Kindly please help me with what are the steps need to be followed to setup node exporters on fargate containers .

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Hi @shruti,

Thanks for opening this post.

Did you already check the post regarding it provided on the official Amazon Blog page i.e.

Let us know if this helps.

Do u have any other documentation please with detailed steps to setup node exporter on fargate containers plzz

I would say it doesn’t make sense (but it depends on “Fargate” implementation). Generally, if you use Fargate (e. g. ECS on Fargate), then you don’t manage nodes, but it’s a AWS responsibility to manage them = you don’t have access to node/node metrics, so node exporter doesn’t make sense.

You have CloudWatch metrics, which will allow you to monitor your workload (e. g ECS CPU/MEM service/task metrics).

How we can monitor fargate containers using prometheus and grafana

Hi @shruti

Well, we do not have any article as AWS already wrote this on their blog.

If you want something else to get a more internal understanding of how it works, then I can suggest to Google it for e.g. this article or like this one etc.

I hope this helps.