How can we collect resource utilization metrics in Grafana Cloud?

I wonder how Grafana Cloud users capture resource utilization metrics?
Is it achieved by deploying a Prometheus scraping kubelet/cadvisor or does Grafana Metrics Agent support this use case already?


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Hi Teja! What kind of resource utilization are you interested in capturing? As you mentioned, the Grafana Agent + integrations are able to scrape and export metrics specific to the OS or application they were built for. If you haven’t already seen the Kubernetes Integration, I recommend checking it out as it was designed to collect resource usage and operations in a Kubernetes cluster.

Hi Melody!
I would like to capture the resource utilization metrics of my application deployed in a specific namespace. In regular k8s, we have metrics coming from cadvisor for each container, PVC and POD. Not interested to monitor the complete k8s infrastructure but maybe node-level metrics from a node monitoring agent like node exporter. Do you get the idea?!