How can i reach HTTP GET API token authentication for a Grafana view / visualization?

Hi there

Use case: We have some tables to vizualize some data; if there is a power loss (or a reboot due to different other things), the webbrowser will start with its grafana start site url.

We know that the cookie will live forever (even if the browser closes), but that’s still suboptimal for use case.

The best solution would be that we can use the Tokens (generated in the API section) for permission “Viewser” to concatenate the Grafana URLs…

E.G.: View / Vizualisation link with token: http://x.x.x.x:3000/.../whatever?token=MY_GENERATED_API_TOKEN_WITH_VIEWER_PERMISSION

Thank you very very much for your feedbacks :slight_smile:

Best regards, Hans

can you better explain this? where are you running grafana and does it persist its state between reboots? also, you can pass user credentials in the place of an API token for requests like that, I believe