How can I administer users that login via

Fairly green Grafana user here. As the admin user, I’ve setup a data source and dashboards and recently just setup so that users in our company domain can login to grafana via their google accounts When they login via google they have no privileges (don’t see a way to access a DB, dashboards, create their own dashboards, etc.) and as an admin, I don’t see them in the user list, so I don’t know how to administer them, give them permissions, etc.

in the grafana ini, I’ve also set [users] > auto_assign_org = true. From the user login, this seems to have had no effect (no mention of the organization that I can see) and from the admin login I can’t tell if this has had any effect since I can’t see the users in the user list.

My goal here is to have everyone that logs in (company users) be a member of the default organization and have access to default data sources, dashboards, be able to create their own dashboards based on existing data sources, etc.

Any help appreciated!

In case this is useful to anyone else:

I was making the mistake of assuming that the user would be automatically created upon login via google auth, but it looks like as admin I still need to create the user w/ the appropriate email address, then they’ll be correlated on login.

Isn’t the allow_signup flag in the config supposed to create accounts for users who log in via oauth? That is the way the docs make it sound: You may allow users to sign-up via Google authentication by setting the allow_sign_up option to true. When this option is set to true, any user successfully authenticating via Google authentication will be automatically signed up., but it doesn’t work with the Google provider (I haven’t tried the other providers).

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