How Can i add manue value Return by one query

What is your Grafana version? 7.5


Here is my query :

Select count(“my truc”) FROM “T1_Value”, “T2_Value”, “T3_Value” WHERE…

So, this query return 3 values :

Is it possible to sum these 3 values ?

@woosa1233, yes grafana has the ability to do some calculations. Depending on which panel you’re using, the options available to you might be different.

Some calculations can also happen in the query if you’re using a datasource that supports them. For more specific recommendations from the community, can you share:

  • which datasource are you using?
  • which panel (visualization) type are you using?

One option is to use a transform > add field from calculation > then create a new field for the sum of your values - Transformation types and options | Grafana Labs