How can I access the Grafana database values in a custom plugin?

I would like to access values inside the Grafana database through a plugin and was wondering how to do this properly. For instance, if we wanted to retrieve the user email, name, and company from the default embedded SQLite database to display in a panel. How could we query those values without adding the database as a data source?

@adamryason I would suggest avoiding connecting to the Grafana database directly and using HTTP API instead: User HTTP API | Grafana documentation.

Alternatively, you can use Grafana HTTP API Data Source. I was planning to add users in the upcoming release.

Whose email and name?

In that example, it would be the user that is signed in. My goal was to figure out how the dashboard frontend was interacting with the database and I found most of what I need through the HTTP API.

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maybe you can also look at using variables as another option but looks like you got it resolved