How are cache hits counted?

I am just running a simple load test using xk6-browser, 3VU, 10-30-10 seconds and 1-5 s stepback between calls. What I am seeing is:
http_reqs…: 994 12.847689/s
http_req_duration…: avg=109.85ms min=88µs med=65.42ms max=1.01s
data_received…: 153 MB 2.0 MB/s

The application is large but most of it is static and should just be cached and is so if I navigate there manually.

Am I doing something wrong to diable the cache, or should I do something to enable it?
Are cached files still counted as requests?

A sample of a manual load is in the attached image.



Hello again,
This can be ignored. I was using a startpage with a ton of downloads and that was loaded on every new context.

Cache works fine. :slight_smile:

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