Horizontal crosshair

Until today I configured a horizontal crosshair line as describes here: Support horizontal graph crosshair · Issue #20021 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

The described change was overwritten on each update - which was fine.

I just updated my instance and recognised the possibility is gone now. The "crosshair:{mode:“x” setting completely vanished from the .js file.

How to get the horizontal crosshair line back?

I had no idea that this workaround existed - can still learn something new about Grafana.

This should still exist as the crosshair flot option for the old Graph panel is still in the code: grafana/graph.ts at main · grafana/grafana · GitHub

I downloaded 8.2.2 and grepped for crosshair:{mode and found it in the public/build/8966.f173e95646339d94c42a.js file.

Thanks a lot! The change in the mentioned file brought my horizontal crosshair back :slight_smile:

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