Home Assistant -Grafana CLI

I’m using grafana as an add on to Home Assistant. I’ve been playing with solar panel generated electricity readings in grafana. I would like only readings between sunrise and sunset to be graphed. The time range value I can set to “now/d to now” for the current day, but this also includes readings during the night.

I’ve found on the grafana community a Sun & Moon plugin which I think may be useful, but as I would like to install it locally , I’m having problems finding a CLI so it can be installed manually onto my Raspbetty Pi.

The Home Assistant terminal seems not understand a grafana call, so I’m stumped as to how to get this plugin running. At this stage I have nothing running in the grafana cloud, as I thought this might just confuse me even more!

Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

HI @petesbradbury,

For clarity. Can you share what specific datasource you are trying to connect to Grafana Cloud? Have you had any success yet?