Hiring Grafana Freelancer: Metrics finance dashboard from MongoDB

I’m hiring and it may be that I need a few different people to get my instance up and working…

I would like to hear from DevOps persons that:
a) have experience setting up Grafana on AWS;
b) Setting up MongoDB on AWS;
c) linking MongoDB as a datasource per tenant/client/account
d) WYSIWYG way of importing .CSV files to MongoDB per tenant/client/account

I would also like to hear from Developers that have experience:
e) Creating a dashboard theme (colors/fonts)
f) creating metrics
g) filtering by pre-set ranges (last month, last financial year, last quarter)
h) creating custom graph/element colors based on data conditions
i) creating a scatterplot dot graph with percentiles

If you have this experience, please contact me:
Becci Watson
email: becci@becciwatson.com.au
skype: becciwatson of Sydney, Australia