Highlight part of a cell value based on a textbox variable


I would like to know how (and if) I can highlight a specific part of a cell value based on the current value of a textbox variable ?
My actual setup is :

  • A data source bound to Azure Application Insights logs
  • A query which rolls up multiple logs (with long text messages) aggregating multiple App Insights resources and filtering logs based on a textbox variable (with a contains operator)

Now that I have a table with the results, and the values in my message column can be quite long (even with multiple carriage returns, so I enabled cell value inspection), I would like to be able to highlight the value of the textbox variable in each cell, quite like what a browser does when Ctrl+F-ing a text in a web page.


Is this feature a thing in Grafana ? I already tried value mappings without success.

Many thanks !

Hi @orty,

Thanks for opening this post.

So if I understand it correctly, you want to highlight the text not as fixed (i.e. not pre-defined/ static) but dynamic e.g. if you want to 1st search for Server, it gets highlighted and then you want to search something else e.g. “CPU” then only CPU get highlighted (i.e. search on the fly without pre-defining it in value mappings)?