Hide weekend data gap on graphs


I am trying to hide weekends showing on graphs (time-series), mysql database has gaps during weekends. It looks ugly on the graph. I can highlight the weekends using “Time regions” but in my case it is not logical. The data is not “NULL” on the database, there is just time gap in the series.

Please let me know if there is a way.


Sorry forgot to mention my Grafana v-

  • v7.2.0 (efe4941ee3)

I was able to use grouping in the sql query and setting null value to: null and come up with this graph, but I need the blank area removed so series are connected with the value before gaps.

I am not aware of a way to do this. It will cause havoc with your time-series data…

It’s something that’s been requested by people in the past. It’s currently not possible, and frankly I’m not sure this is going to be implemented anytime soon. This would likely require us to render each week separately and then stitch the weeks together into one graph. This would likely come with a high performance hit.

Now I understand, thank you for the clarification. Is there any work around can you think of to this problem?

No that you haven’t already tried, I’m afraid.