Hide Slider label


I’m currently working with grafana 7.3.6
I’m using a double slider and I try to hide number labels.
Didn’t find anything in storybook or else.

Anyone have ideas ?


Some extra information might be useful. Which double sliders? On your own plugin?


It’s on my own app, I’m using Slider | Grafana Labs with this configuration :

    value={[selectionRangeStart, selectionRangeEnd]}
    onAfterChange={event => {
      this.handleSliderRange(event[0], 0);
      this.handleSliderRange(event[1], 1);

I am sorry i was late to reply to you.

I tried to hide it and was able to do it like this:

<Slider tooltipAlwaysVisible={false} min={0} max={255} orientation={'horizontal'}></Slider>

The part that did the trick was tooltipAlwaysVisible

Yeah, I found this but tooltip is visible when you change value
I’m trying to fully disable it

Could you upload an imagen of tour slider?