Help required in getting the results of queries which involves continuation token

Hi , I am posting a graphql query which involves continuation tokens [response involves continuation token and it needs to be added in the url for subsequent calls]. The k6 test results is giving me the average of all the calls with continuation tokens [it shows 2 sec]. But this is wrong as in UI, content will be loaded only after all the calls are completed [Actual is 3-4 min]. How to get the result where I need the aggregate http_req_duration for all the queries with continuation tokens?

Hi @blrvandana, welcome to the community forum.

From what I understand what happens is that you need to keep doing requests and count how long it takes to do all of them.

In that case you can either use a group or custom metric that either keeps track of how much time has passed since you first request (very similar to a group in practice) or just keep adding the timings for just the particular requests.

This all depends if you want to also count additional time if you need to do things between the requests and if you want to count this time or not.

Thanks for the reply. It helped.