Help for yesterday/today temperature graph creation

hi, I just started with
influxdb (data from home assistant) and grafana. I need some advice to start. I would like to make a graph that shows me today’s temperature superimposed on yesterday’s. I’ve seen some discussions on the forum related to the topic but I just can’t use them with my case, I’m just an amateur, be patient. Any advice is welcome


Welcome @gianlucaf81

This type of graph question has come up a few times, and the best solution that I found was to use Flux (not InfluxQL, as you are using). Here is what I did to create a month-over-month view. You would do the same using yesterday-vs-today.

While not as ideal as having both data sets in one graph, you could stay with InfluxQL and just create two panels (arranged top over bottom) with one set to always display the time from 24 hours earlier than the other.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll try Flux, in the meantime I’ve figured out how to enable it, which is no small detail for me. But now I need to understand the syntax of my data. I’m really at the beginning.