Help finding proxy/TLS/https config info for windows 10 localhost server?


I cannot for the life of me find any details explaining how to install a reverse proxy for windows 10 locally alongside configuring TLS after swapping to HTTPS. I’m sure I can figure out how to create my certificates and edit the grafana ini, but anything beyond that I’m not quite sure I can tackle because there’s a major lack of configuration info for individuals deploying this locally like myself. I don’t run anything on VM’s, docker, or any external server platform, nor do I really want to, just locally set up as windows background services and I feel like everything I find pertains to docker or mass deployments through VM’s on corporate networks lmao. Pretty annoyed at this point…

I have grafana set up and running alongside prometheus, ohmgraphite and windows exporter. Can’t find ANY proper documentation to set anything security related up locally.

Any help or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! (I also would greatly appreciate if someone could help me over discord, too? :slight_smile:)


Hi @grindfatherrr,

I have recently worked on a similar topic. You can have a look at this post as I posted some details on how to set it up :

I hope this helps.