HELP: Conditional Display of data points

Hello, I want to display a time series line graph based on 2 fields.
Field1, Field2.
1 100
0 200
1 123
1 500
0 55

X axis is time, on the y axis, field 2 will be a line graph with Points. However, the point should be displayed in “RED” if field1 is 1 and “GREEN” when field1 is 0.

How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance


I was able to solve my issue with a SQL statement.
For those who might be looking for an answer in the future…

trade_date “time”
, case when reco = 1 then high else null end buy
, case when reco = 0 then high else null end sell
symbol= ${Symbol) – this is the dropdown filter.

Then in the graph display use

Series Override

set a color for one of the options, and another color for the 2nd (or 3rd) and

And in Stacking and Null Value

Disable to stacking and treat null as NULL.