Having trouble with creating a bar chart

Hi, I’m trying to create a barchart like this one I see in datastudio:

I created a query by hand in the queries tab:
select date(eo.updated_at at time zone ‘EST’) as time,
sender_domain.name as metric,
from message_sending_emailoperation eo
inner join message_sending_emailoperationexecution eoe on eo.operation_execution_id = eoe.id
inner join message_sending_sendermeta sender_meta on eo.sender_account_id = sender_meta.id
inner join message_sending_senderdomain sender_domain on sender_meta.domain_id = sender_domain.id
where eoe.status = ‘COMPLETED’ and $__timeFilter(eo.updated_at) and eoe.operation_type = ‘LAUNCH’

the data in table view looks right, but i can’t figure out how to get the values to show up like in datastudio.

ideally I want to be able to have a bar for LAUNCH, CHASE, etc.

I’ve fiddled with this a bunch and can’t figure out what I need to do - do I need to create a custom panel?

Maybe the grouped bar chart plugin could work for you? Check out this thread for a discussion: Monthly Grouped Bar Chart - #4 by jceddy

this is great - thank you!