Hard limit of a time range for graphs

Hi, trying to force a limit on public graphs, so they ONLY show the last 24 hours. I’ve tried “Override relative time” and that works for the initial load, but it’s still possible for users to select their own time range in the bar at the top.

We have some items that are monitored every 10s, and people selecting a year would hammer our database to death.

Is there a way of locking this down? I’ve already seen that there’s no way to remove the time range buttons at the top (although that would help!)

We’re using the Zabbix API as a data source if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any help!

Grafana 4.2.2 on Debian


It is not currently possible but there is a feature request for it so you can track the progress. It would be a good feature to have in Grafana.

Thank you for the reply!

I’ll look at hiding the time range picker using a theme in the meantime as a stopgap.

@daniellee Feature request is still open. Is there any possibility of it completing soon.
@redbaron have you achieve this using any side way. Any help would be highly appreciated.

We have not received any pull requests for it and there are currently no plans for the core team to work on it.

I think it is very important for High Resolution data.
We are facing the same challenge.
It would be a great benefit if core team consider working on it.
@redbaron @vishaggarwal94 have you got any workaround for this?