gRPC response is camelCase instead of snake_case

I am using k6 version v0.34.1.
When I use k6 for testing grpc, the response is in camelCase (such as updatedAt, createdAt) but my proto definition is in snake_case (updated_at, created_at) and gRPC server also response with proto name.
I use other tool such as BloomRPC the response is also snake_case.
I do not know why k6 response is camelCase

Do you have any suggestion (any configuration, etc)?

Hi @phelan164 !

Sorry for a long reply and welcome to the community forum :tada: !

Unfortunately, it seems like right now we have no way to overwrite, the default option UseProtoNames of the protojson.MarshalOptions that will change the marshaling behavior as you want.

Could you please create an issue to our repository and there we can evaluate and discuss this feature.

I’d also like to mention that, in general, naming is not so crucial since the binary protobuf encoding is based on tag numbers.