Grpc limited metrics?

According to the src code, grpc only has a latency metric.
And doesn’t have the basic comparable metrics like grpc requests.

Why is this?
To add those other basic metrics, is the suggested way to create a wrapper for the grpc library, where I create those same counters/tags compared to http?

grpc_req_duration actually also contains the number of requests, you just have to enable count in the summaryTrendStats option. The old http_reqs counter just was added before k6 v0.26.0, when we added the count property of Trend metrics, so we didn’t remove it for backwards compatibility reasons.

The other http_req_* metrics are more complicated. Due to the nature of gRPC calls and the Go libraries we use to make them in k6, it’s not easy (or might not be possible at all) to actually measure all of the distinct times we can measure in HTTP calls :disappointed: So we’re currently measuring only the thing we can measure with certainly, how long does the RPC call take.

The mains stat I’m looking for is the request counter. Which I don’t believe tracks the status response. So I’ve had to create my own counter and add the res.status to the counter.