Graphite raises '500 Internal Server Error' after update to latest docker image (graphiteapp/graphite-statsd)

Last night, after an auto-update of my graphite docker container, all my alerts that were pointing to my Graphite data source started to fire.
I quickly reverted back to version 1.1.8-2. This fixed the issue.

The errors that I started receiving are
Execution Error: request handler error: failed to query data: request failed, status: 500 Internal Server Error

Anybody can shine more light on this?

Which version did the update install?


Latest. 1.1.8-4.
Did a digest compare to make sure

$ docker image ls --digests
REPOSITORY                              TAG       DIGEST                                                                    IMAGE ID       CREATED        SIZE
graphiteapp/graphite-statsd             latest    sha256:9ef8fa2aeab15443a4408490e52a56d14cf790c9af2b6dbc85557bd0745a83cc   f46c4b2cf805   14 hours ago   842MB

which is the same as here

It’s probably due to this error [BUG] AttributeError: 'ParseResults' object has no attribute 'raw' · Issue #2726 · graphite-project/graphite-web · GitHub. Try pulling recently published 1.1.8-5. It seems to be working fine.