Graph noticeably get cut from the right on 5m,15m relative time ranges

Hi All.
I’m getting some strange behaviour in graph visualisation after upgrading from version 5.4.2 to 7.5.5
Suddenly if I set 5m or 15m relative time range on any graph, it gets cut off on the right:

Time is synchronised cross all prometheus/grafana/desktop environment.
I do not observe same behaviour on our old ver 5 Grafana with same datasource/datasource configuration.
If is set min interval to 1s problem disappears, but prometheus taking a hit with bigger queries of cause.
Our scraping interval is around 25s.
Any clues why this happens ?
I will be grateful for any clues.

No one had/has same problem ?

/hi @omega,

On your graph, it looks like about 15 seconds have elapsed. Your scrape interval is 25 seconds. This looks like standard UI behavior: