Graph not getting populated after migrating data from InfluxDB

I am trying to integrate LoadRunner(Controller) with Grafana using InfluxDB. The connection among these 3 components is successful. The raw results from Controller is also successfully getting updated in influxDB. However, in Grafana, after extracting data from influxDB, I can see only field names being displayed in the panel but no graph or data points whatsoever. Please help.
Attaching the following snippets for your reference:

In Grafana, datasources updated:

While in Grafana Dashboard, it is not populating any graph after extracting data from influxDB. Only the name of the fields(say, Transaction.StartTime, VUserCount, ThinkTime, EndTime etc) are being displayed in the graph panel. Please assist what changes need to be made to display the graph.

Please help. It is urgent. :slight_smile: