Graph not drawn for the whole relative time

I’ve managed to start storing data from my PV system to a MySQL (MariaDB) database and also got the datasource added to my home automation graphs in Grafana.

My other graphs usually use the default setting of last 12h, but for this graph, I’d like to see data from the last 4h to see the grid consumption and solar panel produced electricity better, so I’ve set the Relative time to “now-4h” in the Query options.

However, that setting only seems to produce a graph from the last hour, like in this example.

Also if I zoom in by selecting a part of the graph, it will only show me an empty graph and the cursor timestamp does not change when moving it in the graph despite the X axis values being correct.


What have I done wrong? Or does this have something to do with the fact that my timezone is UTC+3 (the values for timestamp are converted to UTC when inserted into the db).

A simple solution here. The data source parameter for session timezone was +03:00 but I had to change it to +00:00 to make it work.

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