Grafanas data changes with screen size between 4k and 1080p

Hi i have data from a hourly meter stored in influxdb2, if i set the range to last 30 days i get different data depening on the screen size.

if open the webpage on my 4k monitor i get differnt dat to when i move it to my 1080p screen .

any advice on this? or where i can start to look to fin the issue.

many thanks

That’s not a issue, but feature. Grafana is trying to use the best aggregation for your resolution.

For example for 30days:
1h resolution for 1k monitor = 30x24x1= 720 points
15min resolution for 4k monitor =30x24x4= 2880 points

It won’t make sense to render 2880 points on 1k monitor, but it make sense on 4k. That is magic which is calculated based on resolution and selected time range, see doc for $_interval variable