Grafana with PostgreSQL HA ( containers )

Hi everyone , my name is Larry . I am an application developer in a small company , in a monitoring team .
I’m using Grafana with PostgreSQL database .
I’m running Grafana container with image 6.2.2 and PostgreSQL with image 10.7.0 using Helm ( Grafana helm chart and PostgreSQL HA chart ).
Now everything is running together , but I have one problem .

Problem :
After executing some of HA tests I see that Grafana foesnt work if mater is down and doesn’t connect to slaves even in read only mode . In general I understood that the problem is : Postgres master has master-service and slaves have their readonly-service . I’m connecting Grafana with master and have no idea how I make Grafana listen to slaves if the master is down . If I connect all the replicas to the same service I’m obviously getting lock of DB .
Thank you a lot if you can help me :heart: