Grafana (with Instana as a datasource) shows: granularity is larger than the windowSize

Hi there,

I am using Grafana v7.5.5 (self hosted) with Instana as a data source (3.3.1).

While creating my first dashboard I had this problem quite ofen. Right now I only need to flip the time range a few times in order to enforce this behavior.

Then my chart shows “No Data” and it shows a red exclamation mark in the top left corner reading:
'calls' metric: the granularity is larger than the windowSize
'calls' metric: the granularity is not fine-grained enough for the given windowSize

I don’t know what to do with this error and how to get rid of it.

Reloading the webpage (Ctrl+F5) mostly does the trick.

Please see the screenshots for more details.

Grafana log shows that Instana is returning a Http Code400:

t=2022-01-27T09:50:44+0000 lvl=info msg="Request Completed" logger=context userId=2 orgId=1 uname=marco.schmitz method=POST path=/api/datasources/proxy/2/instana/api/application-monitoring/metrics/endpoints status=400 remote_addr=******** time_ms=21 size=87 referer="https://********?orgId=1&from=now-24h&to=now"

t=2022-01-27T09:50:44+0000 lvl=info msg=Requesting logger=data-proxy-log url="https://********"

Hope you will help me soon,

All I can suggest is upgrading to the newest grafana and trying to run Instana plugin 3.3.2, which they just built a few days ago.

Other than that, I’d maybe make an issue in their repo?