Grafana time to match promtail timestamp when using explore

I’d like to know if its possible for grafana to use the timestamp from promtail. For example, in the below logs (05:13:36) seems to come from what we set in grafana admin settings (usually browser time) and (12:42:41.049 ) comes from when promtail scraped the logs. We would like to have grafana use the same time as promtail. The reason is we are seeing discrepancies in some of the logs where grafana time doesn’t map to promtail ( grafanatime + UTC). Some of the reasons mentioned in the community attributed to ingestion limits etc. If the above is possible,we might not run into that issue and the correlation always stays. Any comments on how to achieve this? Thanks, Raghu

2022-11-21 05:13:36 log=“2022-11-21 12:42:41.049 TRACE [seapi,5f40957ee15a48a4,5f40957ee15a48a4,false] 1 — [-nio-80-exec-14] : Completed ksp update message handling\n”