Grafana support for MSSQL Authentication

Hi there… I was wondering, I am adding datasources to Grafana, and I can see in the documentation that there is clearly no support for MSSQL authentication, and instead there is only support for local SQL Server accounts.

But to be thorough here are my two questions:

  1. Is there any support for MSSQL authentication?
  2. Are there plans to add support for MSSQL authentication in the future?

Just to be clear, we are using a non-windows version of Grafana, and it seems that Windows Authentication is only supported on Grafana instances running on Windows platforms.

From our research, it seems the hold ups are due to the following lack of support of NTLMv2 talked about here:
which references this library:

You may need kerberos installed on your linux server and running kinit to pull a token from AD which will then allow access to the MSSQL server.

Is kerberos for datasources supported? This question in this forum posts alludes to a no:

One of my questions still stands–is there planned NTLMv2 Support for Linux users?

Actually, it looks like the SQL driver just recently merged support for NTLMv2:
I suppose it would just be a matter of releasing that driver and creating a new Grafana version with that capability.