Grafana shows nothing

I log the following in Grafana via IOBroker.

{“StatusSNS”: {“Time”: “2020-12-06T19: 23: 38”, “SML”: {“Total”: 21326.8802, “Power”: 692, “Meter_number”: “93454H89000052c3d2”}}}

With which settings can I only get the power value displayed in Grafana?

I’ve never heard of the IOBroker data source plugin but the troubleshooting steps should be the same for any data source.

  • Do you see any errors in the Chrome console or in the Grafana server logs?
  • You seem to be using an older version of Grafana but I think there is a query inspector that you can use to inspect the data.
  • You can also use Chrome dev tools to inspect the network request